Cheap Wooden Cam Holder

hi, here is a simple and cheap way to make a camera holder with 2 laboratory waste, a wooden strip (2cm x 4cm x 150cm), a threaded screw (about 30 cm) and some bolts and washers


1 grinder

1 table saw

1 jiggle saw

1 column drill (or classic drill)

1 wrench (or a screwdriver with a suitable insert)

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Step 1: Project With Sketchup

before starting to cut the wood, to avoid mistakes, I usually do a sketchup drawing to get an idea of what to do

Step 2: Cut the Wood

now that I know what to do I can start to cutting the pieces as I need them.

it takes 6 short pieces (about 8cm) and others 3 long pieces (about 25/30cm,it depends on how much you want both the total length).

remember that the ends must be rounded to allow the strips to rotate.

Step 3:

once all the pieces are cut and perforated we can proceed with the assembly.

Step 4: Final Results

and here is a simple diy camera holder with about 5 € of material

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    This is a nice functional project.

    I'd suggest the use of wingnuts and bolts for ease of adjustment, or better still, but less likely to be on hand, quick release fixing like you get on a bike saddle.

    Also I'd be worried about the bolts slipping, and the camera falling, so I'd suggest sprung washers to keep the tension up.

    As a last thought, as I was scrolling down to write this I saw this link and I thought the two would work well together

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    good idea to use wingnuts, I don't need it because I will have to put it on a tall wall cabinet and I will use my gopro via wifi but for someone it could be a great idea