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Introduction: Cheap Xmas Decor Gift

Stumped on what to give your in-laws? Your sister? Your momma? Friend? Wifey? Christmas crafter? Look no more ! Who doesn't love free awesomely handmade Christmas decorations? This project was rather cheap to make, super easy to display and looks exactly ( or better) than the stuff they try to sell you for 80-100 bucks

This is an excellent way to show your appreciation for someone while showing "appreciation" for your wallet ;)


Garland( loads of it) I mixed old and new I used 11 strands ( dollar tree has them for 1.00 each)
Tomato cage ( lowes 2.95)no matter the size
Chicken wire you can buy it at a feed store for about 10 bucks ( I had mine from s past project)
Poinsettias( 1 bouquet =10 flowers ) dollar tree
Christmas lights 1 strand 2.95 Walmart
Glittery Xmas bow 1 dollar dollar tree

This project was made for 19 dollars and they look pretty awesome

Step 2: Making the Tree

Tape the top of the tree to make it Xmas tree shaped.....

now start wrapping your garland rom the top down, this is gonna take a while, make sure you do this all the way to the bottom, you'll start noticing it becomes a little heavier towards the end ,which is awesome because that means it'll be sturdy outside in the elements

Step 3: Decorate It and Plug It in

Start decorating it , keep in mind people are different, some like themed trees, some like classic trees, so kinda keep in mind for the person you'll be giving it too , now add a strand of lights making sure to start at the very top working your way down , also remind yourself to keep your trees neat, I use hook ornaments to make sure all the lights are neat and they won't be messing up constantly with the wind and if their moves around , once done add a colored bow whatever color you love and voila you got yourself a personalized, homemade Christmas awesome gift !!


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    3 years ago

    Out of coat hangers? How CLEVER!! How did she do it? Ooooh you should definitely post a pic I'd love to see it


    3 years ago

    Nice job. My mother-in-law made me one of these many years ago, but it was made out of coats hangers. She put lights on it too. I still have it and we put it up every year. But That larger one would be nice too :)