Cheap and Easy 18650 Charger




Introduction: Cheap and Easy 18650 Charger

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(Check the video above to see it working)

This must be one of the simplest ways to do a 18650 battery charger

18650 charger module

18650 Holder : here or Here

18650 battery

Step 1: Materials

The materials needed are:

One 18650 battery

One 18650 Holder

One TP4056 Charging module

I had to cut the side "flaps" to be easyer to insert and remove the battery, pass the black negative wire inside the lateral side of the case, glue it using super glue and trim the wire in the top of the case, stripping the top wire to be able to fit the module

Step 2: Connection

Place and secure the module using double sided tape, solder the negative and positive wires

Step 3: "top Case"

Cut and trim a little piece of clear plastic to had more protection to the module, secure it with double sided tape on the sides and glue the exposed conections on top

Step 4: Lets Test It

I put a small stripe of tape to the case to be easyer to take the battery out.

The blue light turn on when you connect the charger, turn red while is charging and turn on again when is fully charged ;) simple, easy and with protection voltage control.

Tank you for watching



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    6 Discussions

    Is it possible to use the same TP4056 to charge two parallel mounted 18650 batteries?
    paired batteries coming from a PC

    Thank you for your reply

    1 more answer

    Hi, in theory yes, but i never tried, this module gives a charging output of 1A, it stops charging when the batterie reaches 4.20Volts

    so what does the other end of cord plug into, standard USB?
    may be a simple question but would provide more complete instruction for those of us not in the ‘know’

    1 more answer

    Yes, its a standard usb, you can use any phone charger

    Depends, but its around 2 or 3 hours