Cheap and Easy Fish Eye Lens Adapter

Introduction: Cheap and Easy Fish Eye Lens Adapter

Make and easy and ver cheap fish eye lens adapter for your digital point and shoot camera.

All you need is A

1. empty 35 mm film cannister (black)
2. peephole (I got mine for a $)
3. Scissors

Step 1: Parts

Parts List

1. empty 35mm film cannister
2. Peephole / Door viewer
3. Scissor

Step 2: Punch Hole

Using a pointy scissors carefully punch a hole to the bottom of the film cannister. and rotate the scissor to scrape off an appropriate size hole for the peephole. 

Step 3: Insert Peephole

Step 4: Insert Adapter to Your Camera Lens Barrel.

I used an Ixus 95is and luckily It fits snugly to the lens barrel.

Step 5: Samples

More here

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