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*Updated for 2009* I ditched the tinsel and confetti and added an assortment of spray painted and glittered skulls (another Martha project) mixed with polka dots. My favorite project this year was the simple, paper book covers because my husband and I had fun coming up with the book titles and choosing the fonts. I still didn't spend much money because I just bought a pack of plastic skulls, some glitter, white spray paint, some polka dot wrapping paper, and I "splurged" about $15 for the reusable glitter candelabra from a party supply website. Do you recognize the rubber rats from 2008?

*Original 2008* I am so sick of all the flimsy and expensive Halloween decorations that are on the market! I needed a way to decorate my entire living room for only a few bucks. I also live in a country where Halloween isn't widely celebrated, so besides online shopping, my resources are limited to the crappy craft store on base and the 100 Yen store.

I started my project in September and didn't finish everything until October 31st. I have already taken it all down and stored it. I made a special folder out of foam board to store my paper items until next year. Most things are very compact, so that's a bonus if your storage space is limited.

Not all of the ideas were my own, the paper silhouettes were a Martha Stewart project, (here are the instructions: http://www.marthastewart.com/article/decorating-with-paper-silhouettes?autonomy_kw=silhouettes&rsc=header_4 ) but I put my own personal touches on everything. I hope you're inspired by what I have done.

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    I like the silhouette idea! I took a shadow puppetry class and had to make a creepy looking house. I should really blow that up in size and put in on mat board for halloween this year. Thanks for the idea!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I agree Keri, there's cheap looking but expensive stuff everywhere. Making decorations and costumes are so much more rewarding. Good job!

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