Cheap and Easy Yarn Picture Frame

Introduction: Cheap and Easy Yarn Picture Frame

Build your own picture frame, using only cardboard, yarn, scissors, and bobby pins. A great option for framing lightweight paper art on a budget.


Piece of Art to Frame
Cardboard sheet (made from a box or any spare cardboard)
Yarn: any variety and any color. To spice up your frame, use several colors. (Acrylic medium weight is pictured.)
8-10 Standard Bobby Hair Pins (any color)
Duct Tape (optional)

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Step 1: Create the Cardboard Frame

Materials For This Step:
Duct Tape (optional)
Ruler (optional)

SAFETY NOTE: Avoid your fingers as you cut the cardboard during this step.

  • Obtain a flat cardboard sheet. If you are creating your cardboard frame from a box, be sure to cut the flaps and sides of the box so that only the flat and solid bottom piece remains.
  • Compare the size of your cardboard sheet to the piece of art. The length and width of the cardboard should be at least 1" larger than your piece of art. Use a ruler if necessary!
  • Trim your cardboard sheet so that it is 1" larger than the piece of art on each side.
    • EX: if your art is 6"x12", the frame should measure approximately 6.5" by 12.5" with the inner box measuring 5.5" by 11.5.
    • Optional: Use Duct Tape to measure the inside of the frame, as pictured above. It may help to make the corners neat and tidy. Place the square duct tape pieces one inch from the edge of the frame on all sides.

Step 2: Cut Out the Center of Your Frame

Materials for this step:

Ruler (optional)
Duct Tape (optional)

  • Cut out the center of the frame. Puncture the center of the box with the scissors to begin cutting a inner edge of the frame. Measure 1" of solid cardboard to act as the frame and remove all excess in the middle.
    • Again, follow your safety precautions and avoid fingers.
  • Be careful not to cut into the solid border, as this will weaken your final product.
  • Lay the cardboard frame over the art. The frame should lay so that the art is fully covered, and overlaps slightly.

Step 3: Wrap the Cardboard Backbone

Materials For This Step:

Cardboard Backbone
Yarn (in any color or variety; recommended: medium weight, acrylic)

  • Tie your yarn onto the frame. A basic overhand knot is pictured.
  • Place the knot on the backside of the frame. Designate which side of the cardboard you'd like to be the back.
  • Wrap the yarn around the frame until all cardboard is covered. There's a little room for creativity on this step.
  • Tie a knot to finish your project. Tuck the yarn tail into the wrapped yarn on the back of the frame to hide it.

Step 4: Optional: Use Multiple Colors

second color of yarn (recommended: use the same yarn weight for the entire frame)

  • Tie a knot to end color 1.
  • Tie another knot to start color 2.
  • Hide the "tails" of color 1 and color 2 by tucking it under color 2 on the back of the frame.

Step 5: Attach the Art to the Frame


8-10 bobby pin
Completed frame
Piece of Art

Reminder: the art should be lightweight. For heavier art, you may need to devise a different method of attaching the frame.

  • Set the back of the frame on top of the art and flip so that both are facing down.
  • Use the bobby pins to secure the frame to the art. It is recommended that you place the bobby pins in all four corners and one on each side of the frame.
    • Slide the bobby pins through the wrapped yarn on the back of the frame and onto the art.
      • Look at the front of the art, and be sure that no bobby pins are visible. Change the angle of the bobby pins until they are all hidden, yet secure.
    • In the two upper corners, place the bobby pins at 45 degree angles. Insert the bobby pin from the top of the frame, pointing to the outside of the frame. These bobby pins will secure the string to the frame in step 4.
    • Shake your frame (optional).If the bobby pins hold, they will likely survive the years of hanging on the wall. Add more bobby pins wherever necessary.

    Step 6: Hang the Art


    Framed Art

    • Cut 2 to 4 pieces of yarn that measures 1.5 times the length of the framed art.
      • Use the same yarn you used to wrap the frame, or choose a new yarn. Note that it must easily fit into a bobby pin, so a medium weight yarn would be preferable.
    • Tie your yarn strands together at both ends with a simple overhand knot. Leave a 2 or 3" tail on both ends.
    • Slide the knotted ends into the bobby pins at the top corners of the art. Use additional bobby pins to reinforce, if necessary.The knot should be below the bobby pin.
    • Look at the front of the art, and be sure the tails of the hanging yarn is hidden.
    • Use the yarn hanger to display on a wall and enjoy!

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