Cheap and Easy Laptop Cooler

Introduction: Cheap and Easy Laptop Cooler

hey today you will learn how to make your own cheap and effective laptop cooler!

you will need.
-1-3 fans
-cardboard box
-spare usb cable
-some flat top bolts and nuts approx 0.5mm diameter

and that should be it! lets proceed to the next step.

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Step 1: Step One-Making the Box

get your cardboard box and make sure the top is about the same size as your laptop!

what to do:
-cut off the bottom and make sure that the side height is about 7cm high.
sellotape corners and edges

now get a compass and measure the radius of your fans and draw the circles on the top and sides make them close to your computer fa/hot spots.

cut out the holes and mark where the screws go.

Step 2: Step Two-installing Fans

use your nuts and bolts to secure the fans in place where wanted.

note: i put two bolts in each of the fans,one in one corner and other in the oppisite (saves time and cash)

Step 3: Step 3:Wiring

now your fans come with 3 wires,red, black and yellow,cut off the yellow one as it wont be needed.

connect both the black ones together and do they same with the red ones.

cut your usb cable apart so the end you insert has enough length to reach the usb port from under your computer(about 15 cm )

you will get 4 wires when you cut your usb cables...ONLY keep black and red cut off the rest.

connect both the red fan wires with the red usb wire DO THE SAME FOR BLACK.

you should be all ready for its first try,place some cd covers or books underneath the box for some support.

power up your laptop and the fans should be spinning.if not give the fans a flick or check your wiring.

NOTE: since USB only put out 5 volts 0.5A make sure all your fans add up to that or less.IF IT IS MORE IT MAY DAMAGE YOUR COMPUTER.

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9 years ago on Introduction

Good idea, but make sure the box and the area under the box is dust free :)