Cheap and Amazing Rings


Introduction: Cheap and Amazing Rings


 powerful drill (preferable a Dremel hint hint)

penny nickel or dime 

paper with sand on it

polisher (Dremels are good)

A good attitude and a vote (not optional) 



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    5 Discussions

    I followed the directions and my rings look amazing! Best instructable I've never read!

    Why did you even post that picture it has nothing to do with your ring. At least take a picture of your final project or find one similar to your own.

    From someone who has made a few nickel rings, this is completely incorrect in the fact that simply drilling would produce something nothing like the rings shown. The rings shown are hammered to get the width, and the initial picture is misleading to the potential maker.

    It helps if you take the watermark out of your faked reference photo


    There are SO many things wrong...the rings shown are hammered...the other pics have nothing to do with rings...nothing about type of metal...