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Introduction: Cheap and Easy Bed Holster

I was looking for a bed holster for my home defense pistol and found them to be ridiculously expensive ($30) considering most of them consist of a bent piece of metal.

Instead of buying one I went down to the basement shop and whipped this up in about 10 minutes using a 4"x18" piece of 1/4" plywood, a saw, a 1" drill, a 1/2" wood chisel and some 100 grit sandpaper.

It's pretty self-explanatory but feel free to ask questions.

The wood is relatively soft so won't mar the gun's finish unless you take the gun in and out a lot, but if you're concerned you could slit a short length of aquarium hose or similar and line the inside of the hole.

I'll probably paint it brown soon to match the sheets.

Obviously if you have children or a likelihood of unauthorized people having access to your bedroom, you'll want to store the gun someplace secure when you're not actually in bed.

Hope this does someone some good. Save the $30 for a couple boxes of ammo and practice!

I find it fascinating that there have been a number of anti-gun people make posts here to ridicule me for making and posting this, but every one of them has deleted their sarcastic, self-righteous and mean-spirited posts after I've responded in a logical and non-hostile manner. That's why you'll see some apparent non-sequitur posts from me - they're responses to people who would not or could not entertain a civil conversation on the topic and subsequently deleted their posts. I leave mine here as a testament to the quality of the opposition.

The FBI Stats:
2,600,000 home invasions in 2011 - one every 12 seconds
3.5 million burglaries per year reported
Each year 13% of homes are burglarized
19.2% of rental properties are burglarized per year
85% of all break-ins are through the door
67% of all burglaries involved forcible entry
38% of all assaults occur during a home invasion
60% of all rapes occur during a home invasion
70% of burglaries involve residential properties
FBI stats show only 12% - 13% of burglars are ever apprehended.

From the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics Titled "Percent distribution of incidents where police came to the victim, by police response time and type of crime":

Crimes of Violence:
Within 5 minutes 31.0%
Within 6 - 10 minutes 24.5%
Within 11 minutes - 1 hour 32.4%
Within 1 day - 6.5%
Longer than 1 day - 1.9%
Time of response not known - 3.6%
Not ascertained - 0.2%

According to the American Police Beat website the **average** of seven same-sized city police departments response to a High-Priority 911 call is 11 minutes, 11 seconds.

But owning a firearm for protection is "vigilantism" and "paranoid" and "dangerous".



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    Wow, It's very hard for a Canadian to understand the concept. Even-though we eat the same food, drink the same, drive the same cars, make the same DIY electronics stuff marry and have kids and so on. Americans it appears from the stats you provided live a very different life. The only people that have guns are the cops (RCMP in most cities) and the drug dealers. Very few people in Canada own guns (A few do but its for hunting and target shooting and its less the .02 % of the population. Most kids grow up and never see one except for boarder guards and the RCMP.

    So I was a bit surprised when I saw the project. The only thing I can add to your project is some kind of safety feature that will allow you to use the gun when you need to but at the same time make sure it can't be used by unauthorized people.

    Now that you really be a good project to work on. It would have to be completely automatic and would need to have something like a watch or ring that would allow the gun to fire. I'm sure someone has worked on this before.

    Anyway good luck folks keep safe...


    5 months ago

    Haha america....

    Greetings from Australia :)

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    Funny as hell, but completely wrong and factually incorrect on almost everything he said. I could spend the next hour picking him apart piece by piece, but you're not interested anyway, your mind was made up by the talking heads on your TV and their political masters years ago.

    I've personally saved my own life from a couple of attackers. Didn't even have to pull the trigger, but without it being there then I likely wouldn't be here now.

    And they're only called "assault rifles" by people who have an agenda to ban them, trying to make them scary to the ignorant. Assault rifles require several hundred dollars in special taxes and background checks. My black rifle with a plastic stock is no more an "assault rifle" than a production sports car is a race car. But it's black, and it's plastic, and it has a cosmetic resemblance to what the military carries, and most importantly - it's *scaaary*!

    If every house in America had a gun and terrorist knew it the chances of a attack would be slim . But I don't think we should just give guns to just anybody

    Very nice. Keep up the good work brother in arms.

    If guns kill people, do pencils misspell words?

    Hey man, just wanted to weigh in as another supporter. Glad to see your calm logical responses in contrast to the usual incoherent bumper sticker phrases thrown around by people who do not see the importance of gun ownership.
    Anyway, great idea, keep it up!

    Great idea. I have a 20" foam mattress and no box springs and a lip on the bed fram so nothing will just slide in but I have a couple of ideas that I might try. I'll put your instructable address in my post if I ever get to doing it.

    You have don an excellent job of replying to the no con and the concern of guns in the house. Anti-gunners just have no viable reason. So of the comments were voicing uneducated concerns but you had some)(^*(*)&*^)( trolls. You have done well.

    Some one made a comment about swimming pools...true. Several years ago and it may still be true.. The number one murder weapon in the US was the baseball bat. They should be banned. Texting seems to be moving up in popularity Ban cell phones. We can ban ourselves back into the stone ages and there will still be dangerous items in our lives. Ban stone too.

    My comment to banning dangerous things is simple. Tobacco kills 210,000- 225,000 (depending on the year recorded) people a year not counting the10's of thousands crippled, miscarriages, dead fetuses, and hundreds of house fires also killing hundreds. Yet, the tobacco industry still gets millions of dollars in subsidies and there crop is covered by Federal insurance so if it fails the farmer still makes a profit. Might as well add the next biggest killer in the US.. Hospitals... 200,000 accidental deaths a year. Gun death are way down the list . Check the list on illegal drugs. We spend billions on the joke...opps war on drugs yet the number of death in minor. Legal Pharmaceuticals kill and injure many more people. (Not condoning drug use) Just give up the war and use the money to send kids to school. Just a thought....sorry for the long post.. It's actually out of place and will have very little effect on anyone life except one person may give up smoking and another may learn gun safety and arm themselves.

    Would cutting the hole to match the outline of the trigger guard allowing it to pass through the wood make this more stable or do you think it would restrict your ability to draw it quickly.

    BUT I MUST SAY I find it tragic that you defend the need to sleep with a gun next to you. To counter all your arguments it must therefore be more dangerous to live without the guns than with, yet countries around the world already do and we don't need to sleep with guns next to our bed!

    We live in a rough-ish neighborhood. I bought my son a locking gun cabinet so the local punks will have difficulty "shopping" at his house. They can have the TV, but let them look elsewhere for weapons. We lock all the doors, and the dog is very noisy!

    Just my thoughts, take them or leave them. The primary job of a holster is not to provide a convenient or easily accessible location for fast deployment of a firearm when needed. It is to do those things WHILE ensuring trigger security. This ensures that the practice of locating the firearm in the convenient r easily accessible location for fast deployment is done so in the spirit of the fundamental rules of firearms safety. By adding a boxed in lower section that houses the trigger section...even with a cut off bottom half of a fabric softener or other household bottle or container you can improve the design. Again...just my thoughts and I certainly love the idea!

    Great idea. I'm a Brit, I'm trained in firearms and hate the fact that handguns are banned in the UK. They are still used by criminals and if I wanted to do so I could easily pick one up illegally. The attempted comments that guns are bad and dangerous make me laugh. I can legally own a .50Cal rifle but not a 9mm pistol. Go figure the laws don't make sense and should be changed. The day they are is the day I open my own gun store with range.

    As for you 'ible great idea, I've got some c02 pistols which are legal and I used to hang these from the bed frame in their holster. And yet this would be restrictive in case of a home invasion. I would recommend hooks in your design as opposed to the barrel hole in your design, a design which could then be easily modified for any size weapon including rifles and shotguns. Keep up the good work and apologies for the ignorance of Brits that have commented.

    never thought using wood. I been looking for metal to fit in barrel of my g27.

    love it. great idea! it amazes me that liberals fail to realize that humans will adapt to the circumstances of their environment in achieving their goals. if they were successful in banning guns, criminals would adapt to building bombs(Boston marathon) and stabbing their victims. what would they want to do then ban sharp objects... it terrible that it has to be that way but it is reality. if every teacher in america had a 1911 on their hip, I bet it make some dork that's tired of being picked on think twice before bring a gun to school because it wouldn't be helpless people anymore. the dork would know they are going to face immediate opposition and its natural to second guess physically attacking hostile opposition. think if you were bitten by shark/lion or what not, you are supposed to punch them in the face letting them know you wont go laying down but It shouldn't be a fight between for guns or against guns. we should be working together because this isn't working and banning them or a large scale creates the same bad situation every where. one of my best friends was in the movie theater in Co. thank god he was able to run out the side exit. but now I Dont leave the house without carrying because if someone in the theater had been carrying and even returned fire it could have saved a lot of lives that night... (not to mention he had also built a bomb in his apartment.) anyways great idea keep em coming!

    Again, you cite a single instance of one fool as a broad brush to paint 80,000,000 gun owners. You also totally neglect the overall positive affect on society of gun ownership. You can't produce a logical opinion being selective with the facts. You have to look at ALL of the facts.

    Are there places and situations where gun ownership would be a bad thing? Certainly! I think people shouldn't drink with a gun in their due to the possibility of judgement being impaired. Likewise when under sever emotional stress.

    Are there fools and criminals who misuse guns to cause harm? Of course there are, but overall I believe the vast majority of gun owners are honest, responsible people. I've lived with them all around me all my life. I see people in the grocery store, restaurants and other public places that are armed (there are signs if you know what to look for).

    In 1988 my wife used a gun to stop two attackers who were kicking in
    the front door to our apartment. They knew she was there but didn't stop
    until they saw the gun through the window on the door. They were coming
    after her and my (then) infant son. She had overheard them describing
    her as they were preparing to attack, so there's not much doubt what
    they had in mind.Up until that day (and it was broad
    daylight) my wife had barely tolerated my owning a gun. She felt as you
    do. After that day she made sure there was always one somewhere in the

    Leaving work late one night in 1992 I used a gun to (I believe) save my own life. Two men were coming at me, one with a brick raised over his head to hit me. All I did was show I was armed and they ran. I was still shaking when I got home, but I was unharmed and I didn't have to shoot anyone to do it. Hopefully my attackers may have learned something, too, and just maybe they stopped attacking others.

    Neither of us had to actually shoot anyone, I'll note, and neither instance was reported to authorities as the criminals were gone. Studies have been completed which show that the vast majority of legitimate gun uses are never reported because people don't want the hassle of talking to police.

    When people say that I and my family shouldn't be armed because of some nebulous and disproven idea that guns (inanimate objects) somehow cause crime, what I "hear" is that I and my wife and son should be dead or seriously injured because...guns are scary to people who have had virtually no contact with them, don't understand them and their legitimate uses, and are irrationally frightened by them.

    Please view the following and feel free to contact me if you wish to continue a discussion.

    Hi I came across your instructable and read the comments below - Im not trolling you I just disagree with owning guns. I live in the UK we have the same per capita incidence of 'home invasion' no one gets shot (or very rarely) as all hand guns are banned. We had a school massacre in 1996 and got the message that guns are bad in the general population. If you guys stopped defending your constitutional right which is a historical hangover to form militias to protect a then fledgling nation and worked at removing guns from your population you would not need guns either. sorry to all the gun shop owners! PS guns are really bad in your bedroom -

    I hope this is positive and constructive

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    I appreciate the calm, logical response. It's refreshing, and I thank you for it.

    However, I disagree with you - there are a number of factors that do not lend your opinion credence in this situation. I'm at the job right now and can't elaborate but will try to get a reasoned response together in the next couple of days.

    I will note however that pointing out one case of criminal murder (or reckless homicide by an inexperienced and untrained fool) does not make a good argument for exposing millions of others to unnecessary risk of murder and mayhem. :-)

    thank you for this "how didn't I think of that" amazing instructable. I have been struggling with several complicated and ultimately poorly perfoming gizmos, and now I have your great Idea to get inspiration from.

    I guess I just need to add to it a spot for my led light and I am set :)

    Thanks again from Israel.