Cheap and Easy Bushcraft Spare/survival Blade.




Introduction: Cheap and Easy Bushcraft Spare/survival Blade.

Hultafors knives are cheap and good (at least here in Sweden). They are gaining popularity in the bushcraft community. This is a small addition/mod I usually do to make them even more useful. You can expand on this idea and add even more features, such as:
* Small fishing kit (hooks, line and sinkers)
* Cordage
* Whatever else small things you want to have with you.

I use my Hultafors knife mainly as a spare blade, my main blade is a Mora Classic with an attached firesteel. The rest of my fanily uses the Hultafors HVK as their main knife.

You don't need step by step instructions, you are the most intelligent species on earth!

You will need:

* Vulcanizing (?) tape
* An old bike innertube (best resource in the world?)
* A lighter
* Scissors
* A file

Optional (to fix factory edge and switch lighter/firesteel):
* Sharpening stone
* Sandpaper 1200-2000 grit
* Firesteel

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    You copied mine! Hahaha!


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    Ah, did not see yours before. They are very similar :)