Cheap and Easy Buttons (pins)

Introduction: Cheap and Easy Buttons (pins)

Have you ever been in a store and seen rows of pins with witty sayings or cool pictures on them? i have, and individual ones can be up to 2 dollars. I am not willing to pay that much for a pin that says "i am the banana king!" (Now if it said something about broccoli, on the other hand... :D ) also, i love making things that are my own design. one day i wondered if there was a way to make my own pins, and so this instructable was born!

Step 1: Materials

The supplies you will need are:
old pack of cheap pins.
plastic wrap
your design of what you want on the pin (this can be from a magazine, drawing, etc.)

Step 2: Take "wrapping" Off the Pin

if you have blank pins, you can skip this step.
see the border where the pin changes onto the back?
get a scissors and cut a little above here (see 1st pic)
now that you are started, peel the rest off with your fingers.
**** Make sure not to peel all the edges away ! if you do, the pin will separate! (see pic 3)****

Step 3: Cut Out Image

cut out the image you want on your pin.
it doesn`t have to be very exact, just estimate bigger. if its too big, you can trim it, but not if it is too small.

Step 4: Attach to Pin

place the image on your pin with a bit of tape on the back. trim around it so there is nothing sticking out.

Step 5: Add Plastic Wrap

plastic wrap gives it that nice glossy look and makes it last longer.
place it over your pin
fold it back and tighten it so there are no creases or wrinkles.
trim the end. the plastic wrap sticks on its own pretty well, but you might want to put a little bit of tape on the back to adhere it.
you can do several layers of this, make it last longer.

Step 6: You Are Done!

There you have it! an easy, cheap 5-minute pin that lasts a long time
you can use designs from anything!
magazines, drawings, printouts, game manuals, CD manuals. the possibilities are endless.



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    Michaels sells blank button pins, but they're like ginormous and aren't exactly blank so much as take-apart-ables.

    I've made pins similar to these, but using clear nail polish as a sealant in place of the plastic wrap. It works great! Trace the outline of the button onto a piece of blank paper, and cut it out. Glue onto the button -- this will be your base, and conceal the button's original image. Then just cut or print your own image slightly larger than the button, glue it on, and tuck the extra edges to the back side of the button and paste (cutting this part in a few sections first might be helpful). Then, pour a little clear nail polish over the face AND the back (to prevent rusting), and "paint" in smooth strokes. After it dries, I always add an extra coat of polish. A clear lacquer can be used in place of nail polish to coat the image. Hope this helps!

    i tried that before plastic wrap. maybe it`s just me, but i had a hard time getting the edges to stay down and they kept on losing their stickiness. could be i`m just packing tape dysfunctional...:)

    Nice motto.:) I think you should use contact paper but, plastic wrap is cheaper and they still look cool.

    Instead of plastic wrap, might I suggest shrink wrap? Then the pins would look a lot nicer and you would just need the extra step/tool to blowdry the buttons with the blowdryer.

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    brocclie :D i agree,have you ever thought of making these pins but instaed of pics like u show here make like miniture dream catchers i make full sized ones and sell them just those along pay my OUTRAGOUS eletricty bill.good instructable,i like it : )

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    that would be so cool! think how awesome it would look-you could add a fantasy touch to everything. thanks for the idea and comment :D