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I am new to Instructables, I hope my mini project will be appreciated by many as this is economical and reliable and easy to built.

I am a beginner to this electronic field. I always like to do small electronic projects with less investment which relates to practical appliances.

This project provides a system that is easy to understand and also to operate, a system that would be cheap and affordable, reliable and easy to maintain the system of remote control and offers long durability. It adds more comfort to everyday living by removing the inconvenience of having to move around to operate a fan regulator. That's when remote controlled fan regulator came to my mind and here I go.....

Step 1: Lets Us See What All We Require!!

Components required:

1) IC NE555 - 2

2) IC CD4017 - 1

3) Voltage regulator IC (9V) 7809 - 1

4) IR Sensor TSOP 1738 - 1

5) Transistor BC148 - 5

6) Traic BT136 - 1

7) Zener diode (5.1V) - 1

8) Diode 1N4007 - 5

9) Diode 1N4148 - 5

10) Optoisolator MOC3021 - 1

11) Optocoupler MCT2E - 1

12) Transformer (12-0-12) - 1

13) LED (red) - 1

14) Power Cable (two pin) - 230V, 50Hz

15) Resistor

1K - 2

33K - 1

27K - 1

20K - 1

12K - 1

3.3K - 1

100K - 1

10K - 1

5.6K - 1

47 ohm - 3

4700 ohm - 1

47K - 1

330 ohm - 1

16) Capacitor

0.01uF - 3

10uF - 1

0.1uF - 2

4.7uF - 1

0.22uF - 1

470uF - 1

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

The circuit design looks like this.......

Step 3: Lets Make It

As shown in the circuit diagram, assemble the components according to the design and solder it to the board. Be careful while soldering to avoid short circuit between the components.

And finally the board looks like this.... I have also shown the remote circuit board snaps.

We can implement this circuit even using PCB to make circuit compact.

I did not include remote control circuit as you can use your own IR remote control circuitry. If you want to know you can contact me for the circuit.

Step 4: Video: Working of the Model

This video shows the working of fan which is controlled remotely from any corner of the room.

You can also use bulb in place of fan.

Step 5: Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

I am done with the model. I hope you enjoyed the journey making " The less investment, more outcome" model.

please feel free to give the feedback. I will be glad for any improvements suggested!

Thank you guys for your precious time viewing my model.

please hit the vote button if you think its worth it.



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    6 Discussions


    Question 9 months ago on Step 3

    I want a remote control please send me it to me.


    Question 1 year ago

    what is the circuitry for transmitting the signal?

    Rana RameezR

    3 years ago

    How to control speed ?or is it just on off switching ?


    4 years ago

    can we use any tv remote