Cheap and Simple Mp3 or IPod Speakers




Introduction: Cheap and Simple Mp3 or IPod Speakers

Here's a way to make some simple and cheap speakers for your iPod or mp3 player.

Step 1: You Will Need:

mp3 headphones
plastic martini glasses
mp3 player (of course!)

Step 2: Cut the Speaker Cone

Separate the martini glass halves.  Use the top half and cut off a sufficient amount to fit the earphone.  It is better to start smaller at first.  You can always cut more off, but it is difficult to put some back on!

Step 3: Place the Earphone and Secure

Put the earphone in the speaker cone and secure with the tape.

Step 4: Plug and Play!

With proper placement and finding the "sweet spot", it can be heard from an amazing distance!



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    12 Discussions

    Very clever!

    Years ago I did a passive megaphone, using an spent washing machine plastic rotor, whose shape was a horn as these martini glasses. I was surprised for the result.

    5 replies

    really? im not sure of doing it. Shouldnt have the form of an starbucks cup like in the other instructable? (I mean more tight and long)

    These old plastic washing machine rotors was horn shaped, with three longitudinal fins. One of them was ideal for handle, doing only an elongated hole for the four fingers. The other two was easily removables.

    Though I haven't tried it, something else to try, instead of the tape, is to wedge or glue a thin piece of "noodle foam", like those noodle foam sticks you can buy a Wal Mart or similar store or closed cell foam might work even better, onto/into the glass. The ear bud could then easily be pressed into place and easily removed.

    Perhaps a 'slot in slot out' set-up would do. Just put more tape on then slice one side. It'll slip in and out with ease.