Cheap Bb Pencil Gun

A very easy project!!

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Step 1: Tools & Materials

For making this simple bb pencil gun u will nedd some materials+some tools

1.Some pliers

2.A box cutter

3.2 Pens(a big a small)(i used a pen (big)and a mechanical pensil(small)

4.Duckt tape(or normal tape ductape is better)

5.A rubber band

7.Somme bbs

Step 2: Step 1:Torn Into Parts the Pens

Use the pliers to do this step.

Step 3: Step 2:Cut the Start From One of the Two Pens & Cut the Ruberband in One Side As Shown

Use the box cutter to cut the rubber band and the top of the one pen

Step 4: Step 3:Secure and You Are Ready to Use You Pensil Bb Gun :D

1.Isert the ink from the firs pen into the other pen it should fit if it doesn't just use some sandpaper.

2Take the rubber band tke the cutted side of the rubber band and tape it at the front of the gun(the oposit side from the side where you putted the ink)

3.Insert the bbs at the front and pull the ing with the rubber band then let it and it will shoot.



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