Cheap Cupholders From Yogurt Containers





Introduction: Cheap Cupholders From Yogurt Containers

I couldn't find a cupholder that would fit my 79 Rabbit diesel, so I started loking around my shop. I was originally going to use the yogurt cups as a template to cut holes in the pywood, but then I realized how tenaciously they grabbed the cups. I just screwed them to the top of a simply plywood bracket to get them at the right hieght. I even left room for my little hula girl (hot-glued).



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    I had a string of VW's in my youth w/out cupholders and solved it by using an early-mid 90's Passat cupholder. Its a clamshell design that pops open two drink holders, meant to be mounted on the passenge side of the center console, at about calf height.  Lots of VW forums talk about it.

    Cupholders were verboten in Wolfsburg till the early 90's. Only when an army of VW owners rose up in revolt did the engineers design an interior with the driver's thirst in mind.

    Great idea. But won't her ample endowments get in the way when you go to reach for your java? What I mean is maybe you should have positioned the lovely lady in the middle of the cup holders, rather than on the driver's side, no?