Cheap Easy to Make Laptop Stand

Introduction: Cheap Easy to Make Laptop Stand

This is a laptop stand for my Acer Aspire 5032 laptop. you can make it for any laptop with rubber pads at the bottom (reason later) by adjusting the width of the wooden bars to your laptops width. this is my first instructable so please give your comments (+ve or -ve)

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Step 1: Consolidation of Materials

you will need:
>2 appropriately angled and shaped brackets (i got mine from a frame to hold solar panels, you could fabricate them if you have a sheet metal bender)
>2 wooden bars of about 2-3cm width and 1 cm thickness
>epoxy pipe sealant
>sand paper or a sander
Thats it!! total cost (if you salvaged most of the stuff like i did)-less than a dollar and in my currency a total of Rs 33 ( 8 for sand paper and 25 for the epoxy pipe sealant)

Step 2: Preparing the Wood

Cut the wood to the length of your laptop
Sand the edges and the surface of the wood to remove any splinters (you dont want any splinters getting into the airduct and screwing things up)

Step 3: Assembling the Stand

Apply the superglue to the two edges of each of the wooden pieces and if yours is the rubber based kind wait atleast 10 mins before affixing to the metal frame pieces.
After this is done mix the two components of the epoxy and applt around the edges such that the wood and metal are covered by a single piece of epoxy.
Wait for it to harden (about 2 hours)
(p.s- Sorry for the blurry picture i have to use the cam on my sisters L7)

Step 4: Done!!

Well thats it. You have to have rubber pads on the underside of your laptop as if you dont the thing will slip of the stand and you will have to affix something to prevent it from sliding
Enjoy your long hours of cool computing but even after this if your comp gets too hot i am planning a retro fit fan upgrade

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