Cheap Finished Crawl Space Closet With Oak Sliding Doors

Introduction: Cheap Finished Crawl Space Closet With Oak Sliding Doors

I had a finished crawl space in my attic and decided to convert the area into a closet.  I constructed two large oak frames and four smaller wooden frames lined with beige cloth to inlay into the doors.  I bought two rails for hanging sliding doors at home depot and hung these from the ceiling (I ripped a triangular 2x4 down in order to hang the doors flush and trimmed this out with a horizontal piece of oak with the top of it ripped down to the same or a somewhat steeper angle.).  I lined the left side of the closet with four affordable wire shelves from Ikea and affixed a top to these.   I added a bar for hangin clothes to the right side of the closet.  As a finishing detail, I added fluorescent lighting within the closet to light the clothes and give a warm flourescense to the doors when they are closed.

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    This is great. I've been collecting built in closet ideas for rooms w/ knee walls for a few weeks now. What are the height of the doors and depth of your closet?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, the height of the doors is 62" and the depth of the closet at the floor is 35". The shelving when stacked 2 units high is 48" tall and 21" deep. There is a couple of inches of clearance behind the shelving at the top and obviously about 14" at the floor. I put a couple of stationary shelves behind the wire racks for off-season storage. Additionally, on the right where I have hanging I had room for two bars with shirt-length off-season hanging on the rear bar.