Cheap Flash Light Mod for High Visibility.

Introduction: Cheap Flash Light Mod for High Visibility.

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Ever since Prometheus bestowed upon man fire, light has been our constant companion. Weather it be banishing the boogie man or brandishing light upon a couple teens necking in an old camero, light is a constant source of comfort in dark times.

All that being said, some times it damn near impossible to find a freaking flashlight when you need one!

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Step 1: Find a Flash Light.

Seems pretty self exploratory when you come to think of it. But hey this is step one.

Of course one simple remedy is to have a dozen or so flash light strategically positioned throughout the house. but even rocking these free with purchase little diddys from harbor freight that could get expensive!

Step 2: What You'll Need.

Seems like cheating but these stickers are where its at. I picked mine up at a local dollar store that carries a delicious assortment of random and figured id find a use for them eventually.... Well here it is!

Step 3: Glow in the Dark? Yes, Please!

Here i just took one of the thicker pre-cut pieces of the G.I.T.D Ducktape and wrapped it the flash light nearer the base.

Step 4: Look Ma, No Hands!

Godda love those dollar store purchases. I took two of our newly moded flashlights and affected them to the wall with these cheap little dollar store hooks. His and hers. they're in a fairly visible spot so we notice if ones missing and play a rousing game of "Who last used the flashlight?"

*Pro tip: Painters tape! for anything that you know your only going to be using for light duty. slap a square of painters tape down on the bare wall then put up your sticky hook. Your drywall will thank you and so will your security deposit.

Step 5: The Greater Outdoors/ "Fin" (That's French for I'm Done Y'all)

That first step helps a lot indoors. But what about out doors? In comes the Avery reflective stickers.

These guys come in two colors (yellow and orange and bond pretty permanently once you've laid them down so be sure before you go sticking up the place.

I love that in the dark it glows and if i should lose it in the tall grass it shines. also if the stickers glow is too faint to find it at night I can use my other flashlights (again: his & hers) to find it via the high vis reflective strip.

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