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I bought a couple solar lawn lights at Dollar Tree and decided to repurpose them as interior night lights.   I also bought some accent jems at the store to use for feet to the hard drive platters I had laying around.   I picked up a candle stick holder in a free box at a rummage sale and put that to good use also.   In addition to the night light the hard disk platter also makes a spanky, high tech beverage coaster.   Anyway here are some pictures, simple enough, no explanation required.   I used clear epoxy to glue the accent jems to the platters.   Dollar Tree also sells glass candle stick holders which would work fine also, but you would need to trim about an inch off of the bottom of the lawn light with a hacksaw, but it would be a simple task.   Enjoy the pics.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Saw someone do an "Emergency light" rack of these--use whatever you can find ro stash a dozen or so solar lights in--I think they used a crate of some kind: as long as they get the sun it doesn't matter what you use---and then they were handy for power outages or even as kid toys and then place back in holder. Could be a great camping idea too.

    Like the candle stick idea tho--I see lots of these at thrift stores and yard sales!


    5 years ago

    Gosh, we sure do think alike. Good ideas!


    I guess if you've ever bought a solar yard light from Dollar Tree or anywhere else for that matter, you would know that the solar light of the unit separates from the hollow stake of the unit. That being said you can take the light and insert it into the candlestick like a candle. Put the candlestick by the window where it can charge by day and is a nice nightlight at night. It is basically free green energy. Same goes with the hard drive disk. You can stick it in the hole and the mirror coating of the disk or cdr for that matter makes for a nice light reflector. We have a couple in the house and it does the same as plug in nightlights


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The candlestick idea for a cheap solar light is a new one to me. I may have to make a couple of these. Thanks for the idea.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Love the Dollar Tree ! I have $1 solar lights all over the yard, stuck in holes drilled in fence posts, glued into bottle necks, stuck in lengths of pvc pipes and just randomly hung in trees so the solar panel faces the sun. I really like the candlestick idea