Cheap ''glasses''

Alright, so you want a "On a budget" contest? Hows this for low budget:

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Step 1: Open Your Drink

If you get stuck at this step...... you might need to stay away from any sharp metal...... or liquids.....

Step 2: Drink Your Drink

Again if this step is to difficult, stay away from liquids.....

Step 3: Cutting

Now finally, some real "work"! Take can opener and put it on the can so the blade is on the inside of the top, keep twisting until the top falls into the can!

Step 4: Finishing Up

The last things to do is to take the top out of the can, throw it away and rince out the can.

Now its ready for use! To summarise, this project costs about 0$ if you dont count the liquid inside. (except if your country implements (closest translation is deposits) on soda / beer cans)

To make the on a budget experience complete this ible took about half a hour to write so calculated to minimum wage it only cost about 4€!

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    If you slide a screwdriver blade round & round inside the lip of the can it will get rid of the sharp edge from the cutting process, so you don't cut your lip. Cheers!

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    4 years ago

    Nice. Other uses for drink cans are to take two drink cans and make a alcohol stove (also known as a penny stove). Then you can not only drink your drink with the cups you've made, but cook your meals too :)

    1 reply

    nice thought, but the point was to do this as cheap and fast as posible, else I would have put more effort into writing the ibleXD thnx for the comment!