Cheap IPad Car Vent Mount

Introduction: Cheap IPad Car Vent Mount

It might be ugly, but it works, and if you already have a bungee cord it will only cost you $1.99.


• short bungee cord

• wood clamp with plastic coating on the grips

Home Depot HDX 2 in. Spring Clamp Model # 80002 $1.99

One use for an iPad in the car

I have a long, stop-and-go commute out of the city after work. I was listening to podcasts and audio books, but it still felt like a tremendous waste of time. Recently, after reading a post on Lifehacker, I tried iTunes-U. I downloaded an IOS programming course with video lectures. It is a combination of XCode demos and slides. I was using the iPhone on a dash mount, but it is too small to read the code. I have plenty of time to study a screen, as there are at least 20 lights and fullstop merges between work and home. Now I can listen to the audio lecture all during the commute AND I can read the code and bullet points on the slides while stopped in traffic.

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Step 1: Short Bungee Cord

Find or buy a bungee cord just long enough to span your middle air vent. Knot it to shorten if necessary.

Step 2: Wood Clamp

Buy a wood clamp with plastic tips. The plastic tips give it a good grip, and won't damage the surface of the iPad. I first tried this with a big binder clip, but it slipped right off.

Step 3: Attach Bungee to Air Vent

Hook both end-hooks of the bungee cord over one of the air slats on opposite sides of the air vent.

Step 4: Open Wood Clip and Insert Bungee

If the bungee cord is short enough it will hold the clamp upright. I leave it like this when not in use.

Step 5: Insert the Top Edge of the IPad Into the Clip

The clamp is very strong and a little hard to open with one hand at first. It gets slightly easier, or maybe my hand got stronger, as it is used.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    From the first picture I thought this was the front grill of your car. As in, if you wanted to mount your iPad as a front license plate. Which just made me think that hitting a speed bump a little hard would get really expensive.

    But overall good job, simple and effective.