Cheap / or Easy Ways to Make Cord, Cable, Headphone Organizer, Holder

Diy or hack home items
Cord, cable, headphone organizer, holder.

I really really hate having my phone bud and cables get all tangled, snagged etc. I also want easy access and don't want to pay like 6$ of more because that is just absurd.

I priced and searched for ideas that were economical and rugged enough to take on being in my purse or workbench.

This is my findings.

Step 1: Hunt for Materials - I Found Rollers Work GREAT

I tried cutting things from various materials but settled on rollers because they were meant for repetitive use and also meant to hold something as long as a cable without damaging it. Although the foam dollar store generic rollers with the plastic clasps work well and are probably the best for price , my favorite so far is a silicone coated one piece roller made by Remington.

Step 2: Start Wrapping Cables or Cord

Wrap cables or cord around the base of the roller. This is where someone would usually wrap thier hair.

Step 3: Pick Your Length

Wrap the cable completely around or leave enough length that is expedient to your using habits. For example, (as pictured here) I use my headphones a lot but want the extra length to be out of my way.

Step 4: Or Wrap Completely

Or wrap completely

Step 5: Then Wrap Up Completely

Then wrap up completely by folding over. I like this because I can still have my cords wrapped when I am using it and it doesn't take allot of f

As far as price goes, I got these second hand brand new for 5$ for the whole set (I want to about 18 pieces) however, in the manual I noticed that you can buy replacements for cheap. I know that Remington is an old company so they would probably offer orders in replacements for many years to come even after the product is not on shelves.



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    I really need to get one of these! I think there might be a problem with the picture in step 3 though. It's just showing up as a black rectangle for me :(