Cheap Padded Case for Your Electronics




Introduction: Cheap Padded Case for Your Electronics

This shows how I found a way to get a good padded case for some of my electronics, I wanted a padded case because I recently lost one of my PDA's to the unstoppable force of gravity. Now I have a Really nice looking paperweight.

My reason for modifying one is because of the price of a new padded case.

It is really simple to do, yet not many that I know would think of it.

This is my first one of these so please be kind.

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Step 1: Getting a Cheap Case and Modding It.

All you really have to do it look for a broken or AS-IS product on ebay that comes in a padded case. In my case it was a remote trainer for a large dog. I ended up paying $16 total, plus I found out that the AS-IS training collar just needed new batteries, so I ended up selling it for $50. I haven't even started and I am already money ahead, not bad at all.

Step 2: Placement of Devices

Wait for the case to come in the mail, good. Now once you get it, time to look at where you will place everything. You want to have a fair amount of padding on all sides of your devices.

I needed room for 2 PDA's, charger, USB Cables. a cheap MP4 Player, and SD cards.

Step 3: Cut the Case.

Once you decide where everything should be, start cutting the dividers away.

Step 4: Protection

Now you have everything padded and ready for the next bumpy airplane ride, or bungee it on your bike rank and ride some trails like I do.

I don't think the cables really need padding, but they are anyway because I had room. There should be at least 1/2 Inch of padding around everything.

This setup has survived a couple times of me dumping my bike while riding down a hill. It works great.

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    2 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i do the same thing with a old Grinder case i cut out the surround the angle griner was in and filled it with craft foam


    10 years ago on Introduction

    yep. I use a aluminum case from BBQ utensils to keep some remote control model gear in.