Cheap Pellet Catching Airsoft Target.

In this Instructable I'll show you how to make a cheap airsoft target that saves you losing pellets.
Give that you hit the target there is an almost 100% chance that you will lose no pellets. I recommend that you get an adult or someone above 15 to cut the lid in step 3 as this can be very hard and dangerous. By the way this is my first Instructable so be nice :)

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

The following are needed for this target.

1.Biscuit tin(preferably square)
2.Something sharp ie. a knife or a scissors(a knife being preferred) I used a blade from a multi purpose tool.
3.A sharpie
4.Duct tape or masking tape
5.Paper or card, if you use card make sure your gun can shoot through it.
6.A drill is useful for starting the cutting by giving the blade a hole to start from. Although not necesary i seriously reccomend using one. Again, have an adult do this part.

Step 2: Marking the Square to Cut Out for the Target.

This step is fairly easy. Just mark the edges of the targets and join the lines.
1.What you're aiming for
2.Marking the points for the sides of the square.
3.Joning the dots to form a full square.
4.BTW make sure you leave some space outside the square so that your pellets won't fall out

Step 3: Cutting the Lid

i drilled holes around the square to make it easier to cut but as i said before it's not required. It does however make it a hell of a lot easier. This step is hard to explain apart from saying just cut the line you marked so start cutting and good luck.

Step 4: Finishing the Target

1. Cover the sharp sides of the square with the tape to stop getting cut every time you touch it. I cut the tape i used in half because the sides were too small to take the full width of the tape.
2.Tape the target to the inside of the lid.
3.Completed target.
4.I taped this inside to prevent the pellets from bouncing back. It also lets the pellets fall to the bottom letting you take them out easily.
5.The original target i made
6.I used this a LOT!!!!



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    9 Discussions

    Duct tape 101

    3 years ago

    I had to use deeper tin so they wouldn't bounce back out good idea


    8 years ago on Introduction

    The tin is a good idea, but I've punched through similar metal before ( can lids) with my airsoft rifle (before i upgraded the spring) and so if you're using a high powered gun, you may need to replace the tin


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Not to knock your backstop because its a sound idea and works (made somethin' similar myself before) but you can't reuse any airsoft BBs that you fire at this thing in any decent gun. They deform or shatter and can seriously damage anything with a hop-up or a tighbore barrel. Once my brother used the BBs I use in my claymore (they are either on their second or third use if they are in this claymore - no internals to damage) through my L96, which I have done a ton of work on, and destroyed my hop up bucking. Some of them are dirty as hell, but even ones with a slight chip can tear it. Just something to be aware of. On the plus side those biscuit tins make a nice thud when you hit them, and take all the energy right out of a BB. Nice pictures too!

    1 reply

    yeah that was my worry too, but I've only got a cheap gun so no worry of it being too strong. But Sicilian Mafia's idea with the leather at an angle inside the box would fix that i'd say, Thnx for the compliment's btw :)

    thing 2

    9 years ago on Introduction

    what fps do you have? And what gun do you have???


    I made one of these out of a shoe box before. A little thing I had added to it was a piece of leather angled at a 45 degree angle to the floor inside of the box. This will allow the pellets to hit the leather and go straight down instead of hitting the back wall and bounce back out of the box. It worked really well.

    3 replies

    The thing on the back of the tin lets the pellets hit the back of the tin slowly and fall straight down. And the tin box is less likely to let the pellets to go through the back so yeah they're pretty much the same but i had no leather left around to use.

    The leather on mine was also used to slow down the pellets as well. It just looks like on your rig that the plastic pellets would shatter on impact when hitting the metal back. The leather was acting as a cushion as well as a deflector of the pellets. Hey, it's just my 2 cents on the design.

    Ya i get it, i'm not gettin pissed or anthin, but only about 1 in 20 get smashed which i don't find that bad. Your idea with the leather is good though, I might incorporate that if i make another one. :)