Cheap Pocket Watch Customisation

Introduction: Cheap Pocket Watch Customisation

A while back I got a souvenir pocket watch from Paris, and recently the bow broke. The replacement I used didn't look right with the rest of the watch, so I decided to change it to Gallifreyan.

Step 1: Tools and Material

For tools you will need.

A pair of pliers,

a pocket knife (optional),

a pencil,

a marker,

a paintbrush(optional)

and a rotary tool

For materials you'll just need a cheap souvenir pocket watch and possibly some paint.

Step 2: Taking Apart the Watch

First you need to take the watch apart. To start, if you can take off the bow if not just move on to the back.

Take off the back. You should be able to do this with your finger nails. Then there will be a plastic frame meant to keep the movement and face from bouncing around. you should also be able to remove this easily without damaging anything. If you want to alter the face of the watch you should remove the battery now, but otherwise it's unnecessary.

Now use your pliers to hold the threaded part that attaches to the crown while you turn the crown counter clockwise to unscrew it. After that you can take out the movement and face. also the clear plastic dome which protects them will come out if you push it from the inside, if you want to put it aside to keep it from getting scratched.

Step 3: Face Alterations

If the watch face has something on it you want to remove or you want to ad symbols and or paint, first you need to carefully remove the watch hands. You can do this with your fingers, they should be removed one at a time and put somewhere where they won't be lost or damaged. Use the pocket knife to remove anything you want taken off, then you can ad some paint if you want to. Next pick a design for a symbol and practice drawing it. Now draw the symbol on the face with the pencil. If you want you can use the tip of the knife to engrave the symbol into the face, you should follow the lines from the pencil drawing however any mistake you make will be permanent.

Now put the hands back on and your ready to work on the case.

Step 4: Working on the Case

First remove any decorations on the case. you can use a file or a rotary tool to do this. then pick the symbols you want to ad draw them on the case with the pencil and once they look the way you want them to, use the marker to make them more visible. Then use the rotary tool with an engraving tip and carefully follow the marker to engrave the symbols.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Next put the watch back together. start with the watch face protector, followed by the face and movement, the crown, the plastic frame, the back, the bow and the chain.

Finally if you want to you can ad some paint to the engravings to make them stand out more. I did and the back ended up coming out better than the front. But anyways that's it and I hope anyone who tries gets good results.

Also in case anyone is interested the Gallifreyan symbols I used where from the Gallifreyan alphabet from here



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