Cheap Color Changing Lamp W/remote

Introduction: Cheap Color Changing Lamp W/remote

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     This fun diy Color changing light will astound you and your friends.
Some adult supervision is needed as you will be dealing with live wires and electronics.

Great for any child's room as a color changing night light or for any reason you may need.

      Tools you will need:

-Tape ( Regular and Electrical)
-Mini screwdriver
-hot glue or regular glue (Optional)
-Dremel (optional as I used a pair of Grips)
-Paint (optional)
-Soldering gun(optional)
-Tap light from dollar store
-Led light Kit ( you will have plenty left for other fun things)

-Address for light kit is:
-And an hour of you time( I did this under 30 min.)
--->This design and concept is entirely Made and Imagined by me- Timothy Schwab 

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Step 1: Tap Light Disassembly

     First With the Tap light in hand remove any screws holding it together and save as you will need it later.
Now Remove the (GUTS) so all you have is a shell

     Turn the battery holding mold upside down and remove the center section any way possible (This will hold the GUTS of the color changing Lights)

Step 2: Layout of the Led Strip Module

     After removal of the center beam of the battery holder Take your led module and split the case to extract the inner parts, as they will fit perfect in the battery compartment. Toy around to find best way to have the module in the battery compartment and wires on the opposite inner side (Refer to pictures if you can't get this far.)

Step 3: Hole for Power and Led Strip

      After securing the led module lets move on to the bezel and make a hole to get the power into. This will also be the best time to paint the bezel if wanting.

     Next lets dry fit all parts and make sure it all looks good.

     If everything fits lets get the led strip with 3m tape on back and fit it so the power will attach near the hole we made.
Once comfortable with the inner lay out, cut your desired length of led strip and save the rest for other projects.

     Lets Peel the adhesive slowly as you work around the inner bezzel. Once finished dry fit again to make sure everything will fit nicely.

      There will lots of room so go wild with it

Step 4: Button Ups

     Once all wires are placed accordingly and dry fitted lets get to the power shall we?

    Find a otherwise useless 12v power supply or buy one at the dollar store and cut the end off with about 4 inches left in case you may need the male part for any other projects else later. (CAUTION!! ADULT SUPERVISION NEEDED)

     Strip down the wires for you power to module as well as well as 12v power source and roughly knot together to make sure you have the correct polarity. Power the devise on with the remote from the kit.

     If no power comes on first check for incorrect led to module plug in if nothing still comes on reverse the polarity to the 12v source. Once everything works Solder or electrical tape the power.

Step 5: Finish

     Once light have been tested and all wires concealed and dry fitted Now its time to Button up the finals.

     Attach the bezel to the dome with glue of your choice. I used double sided tape but glue would be faster and more stable. Put down until dry after gluing.

     Once dry lets put the glued bezel and dome back to the frame and screw two screws first. Test the light again to make sure all power is active. If not take apart and fix. Once power is on finish the last two screws and put the battery case back on. If you wish you can fill the battery compartment with something to make sure its doesnt rattle. I cut up some left over bubble wrap and closed the compartment.

     After assembly you can also tape of the dome and paint it as I did.

Step 6: Enjoy!

     Put your brand new color changing tap light anywhere you would like as a night light or make a few for a cool ambient light set up.

     Possibilities are endless use your imagination

     I also use one now for my basement aka my lab so people know when i'm working. Green for enter and red for knock 

     I also had about 3 feet left so i decided to make my 48" TV, stand out more at night. call it a Diy ambient back-light but Sure makes my basement look like a night club. Also great for movie mood setting or gamer setting

     Use you imagination and share what you have made with me

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