Cheap Video Light From a Cap Light


Introduction: Cheap Video Light From a Cap Light

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How to convert a cheap head lamp for baseball caps into a video light in about two minutes

Step 1: Add Velcro to Video Camera

I attached it to the "shade", but you may want to put it on the side or on top. Mare sure you don't block the IR focus assist light nor the microphones.

Step 2: Add Velcro to Brim Light

Break off the brim clips and add velcro to the cap light. I've added it to the concave side, but you need to decide how the light will fit snugly to you own camera (while it's light are shining forward).

Step 3: Stick It on -and Turn on the Light

Kinda bluish tinted, but it works.



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    Well I guess you could fit 5-6 G4 LED BULBs instead of the Flexible strip.
    Wonder how bright is your setup compare to the G4's?

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    Yeah -there's no lumen rating stated in the eBay auction for the LED strip, so I don't think I'll be able to find out.

    I also bought two "Ultra Bright Light 36 LED car Bulb 1157 S25 12v White" from ebay seller 999vista -those might be brighter also, but I figured out that if I used those, I'd have to build a reflector, and making that look half way decenty can be a pain. I think I'll wait till someone can give me a reflector from a broken car headlight or something.

    Here's another videolight I made, sitting on top of my FrankenCam. For this light, I used the base from a broken video light, a 7 LED headlamp, two component epoxy and some steel wire.

    b- 001.jpg

    999vista has good deal on T10. Thanks!
    I might use some 12v 24 LED SMT Dome light. Search for L-1063 from ebay Seller, electronic_jp2009. He also sells the 48 LED ones for $8 starting.
    The 48 LED is just 2 x 24 LED Circuits. You could split it yourself since it's perforated. The 24 LED panel fits perfectly inside those old CompactFlash plastic cases. I'll hinge two or more together. Then I could fan them out like Japanese Screen Panel. I need to get some more LED panels. I didn't go forward with the build since I didn't want to lug around a 12V battery. Wonder if the CCTV 12V Li-ion Battery can power my Netbook. Maybe I'll pick one up. Wonder how long the 12V battery last with 30W constant.
    I'm still waiting on some 5mm LED's from Dealextreme. Takes forever. I'm using the 5mm to build 10x2 LED for the base of my camera.

    It's bright without a nice dispersion pattern or distance. I'm going to made an adapter so I can use 2 AA rechargeable batteries and stack 2 two of these together.

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    Here's the start of a more recent, crazier project of mine. It is a 72 LED light strip for regular "white light" on the edges and a PCB full of IR led's in the centre. I'm connecting it to a rechargeable battery with a double switch, so I can choose "Off", "White light" or "Night vision"..

    Lid for CD-R spindle (I started gluing the strip to the inside of this)
    "Car White Flexible 72 LEDs Bulb Grill Light Strip 12V" from ebay seller
    "12V Rechargeable Lithium Battery for CCTV Camera" from ebay selle koo-web
    "119 Infrared LED 5mm 4 Camera IR Bulb 60 Degree" from ebay seller jbzq2388
    "2 Way Lightswitch White Double" from ebay seller delightful-uk

    I suspect a "G4 LED BULB - 24" in the middle would be a smarter choice that the led strip I opted for