Cheap Wall Hangings




Introduction: Cheap Wall Hangings

Inexpensive wall decor that will be easy to put together, fun to do, and take up a lot of space on a wall.

Step 1: Materials

Craft Knife
Duble stick tape
Iron Board
Packing tape
Buttons/Pins (optional)

1. Take the posterboard and draw a bunch of squares/rectagles. Make them all different shapes and sizes. Cut the shapes out as clean as possible using scissors and a craft knife.

Step 2: Next:

2. Gather your material. All you need is scraps of interesting pieces that are colorful and have textures. 3. Once you have cut out all of your shapes lay your material with the shapes.

Step 3: Cutting

4. Cut your material to the size of your posterboard. There should be about 1 inch or more out the outside so that you can wrap it up over the edges and secure the exess fabric.
5. Next, you will want to iron the fabric so that there aren't any creases in the display.

Step 4: Wrapping

6. Next you will want to wrap your material around the posterboard securing it with double stick tape. Wrap it up like a present and cut off excess fabric.

Step 5: Your Almost Done!

This is what your pieces should look like from the front (obviously)
6. Next you are going to arrange the pieces to get a feel for what it will look like on the wall.
7. Take packaging tape (or whatever you are most comfortable with usnig to adhering on your wall) and role it up- place it on the back and arange it onto your wall.

Step 6: You Are Finished!

This is what mine looked like when I was done.
For an alternative idea you can attach buttons and pins to the pieces. Mine looks pretty neat and I now have a place to display my buttons. When I want to wear one I can pick it off and then attach it at the end of the day.
Wastes up a good part of your wall without having to paint!



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    Awesome idea! I've used a few different variations of this same idea to decorate most of my townhouse (on the extreme cheap!). One little trick I've just recently come to realize is that if you use coordinating, or contrasting, ribbon to create a sort of "frame" around the edges of the poster board or foam board, it creates a very nice "finished" look to the individual pieces. And you can find tons of ribbon spools in the $1 bins at most major craft or fabric stores, so it wouldn't cost a whole lot to more to add it to your designs.

    Also, I've discovered one of the best adhesives to use is just plain old fabric glue. Costs about $2 a tube and you only have to use a very small amount to create a super strong bond that really holds up.

    But like I said, this is an awesome idea! I'm going to start planning a full-wall design for my daughter's room soon. I'm brand new to this site and the inspiration is incredible! Keep up the awesome work!

    I've done the same thing with a very beautiful chocolate and teal silk brocade. The fabric was so pretty, I wanted to be an art piece on my wall. I finished the ends of the rectangle with a machine zig zag, and then wrapped and stitched the fabric entirely around the foamcore by hand. I'll be attaching a thin ribbon across the back somehow, so I can hang it like a picture. I'll probably need to have something firm across the back to stabilize the fabric where I'll be stitching the string.

    very nice. i'm working on an instructable for a similar idea with storage slots and pockets. check it out! i'm definitely going to add a few of these to my wall.

    I made these on my own and was going to post an Instructable but then I found your instructions! The only difference is I used cardboard and would reccomend getting "Terrifically Tacky Tape" if you can find it for the double sided tape. Here is a picture of my pin boards.

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    Oh wow, that's cool. Mine weren't necessarily going to be "pin" boards. I didn't cover them in all my pins just added a few for added texture but I love your idea. Very nice!

    I know you called this "cheap" wall hangings, but they don't have to look cheap. I think you could have solved this problem by tightening your edges. Pull the fabric together more tightly and it will look less like mishapen lumps and more like art. Great idea, though!

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    Yes, this already has been addressed in the comments. I am a poor college student and would have used a staple gun but didn't have that at the time. I agree the edges are sloppy. If I were to put this in my house (not just a dorm room) I would make it look much better.

    i'm sorry you don't like it... i'm more of a DIY girl myself... i see you like explosives, so I understand why this might not be your cup of tea

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    Good point. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some people obviously don't see what others see.

    Hey, I like this idea a lot. I have actually made bulletin boards the same way using those leftover sheets of styrofoam that you get in packages and self-assembly furniture cartons. I love them for a sewing room because you can use sewing needles as well as tacks. Now that I think of it, I wonder why I haven't made a pin-cushion like this for next to the sewing machine. See what your post inspires? I think you've started something great here. :)

    Heh, heh, that's a Klimt in the background of that last picture, isnt it? I see what you did there ;-) Damn stylish, BTW.

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    I already posted my two cents earlier, but I just got another idea for this. If you go rummaging for anything square or rectangular that is 3 dimensional, and if you can staple it and put a hook in the back, then cover it with the fabric. it would make a pretty cool multi dimensional collage on your wall. I would even go as far as using a shoe box or puzzle box, and since it's light, you can rest it on two thumb tacks to keep it on the wall. Also, duct tape will bond to fabric alot better than packing tape. You can probably stretch it out better that way. Lastly, I like the pins. Ok, that's all from me, I promise.

    i like this a lot.. i have wanted to do it but i was thinking covering canvas... but posterboard sounds so much cheaper.. hehehe. I like the idea of overlapping the boards as well.. just to give it another level of dimension.. just an idea.. love this!!

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    I have done the canvas thing with an Indian pashmina. I had an old canvas that I messed up with my poor painting skills and that is how I recycled it. You can find huge used canvases at yard sales and thrift stores for about the same price as the poster board. Oh, and I used a staple gun ( like 10 bucks from walmart ) to keep the edges crisp.

    that is a great idea... i never thought of recycling canvases....i am going on a hunt now :D this i kind of random but do you by chance know anything about using gel medium to make image transfers??

    Great idea and my thought is this: if you have a very old quilt that is really falling apart with just a bit that is useable, you could use it to cover the square or rectangle. LOVE the idea, could use any fabric from denim to corduroy or ??? Now if i cover most of the wall and use some batting under the fabric, I could have my own padded wall to beat my head against when frustrated! :D Thanks for the great idea.

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    Yeah, I guess you could use it to beat your head on... ;) OR you could use it as a cork board almost.