Cheap Wooden Plate for Pocket Camera

Introduction: Cheap Wooden Plate for Pocket Camera

About: I'm from Italy and... And I love to cook, ride bike (and repair) and build whatever I can think of building; even if I'm not able to do it or I don't have the necessary equipment! :D

This is the wooden plate that I made for my pocket camera. I used a piece of wood, 2 screws with nut and the screw of the tripod.
First of all, I reported the length of the camera on the wood, I measured the distance between the hole where the tripod screw attaches and the edge of the camera. I reported it on the wood and I drilled. Since I haven't the right drill bit size, after drilling I used the dremel to enlarge the hole to the right size of the tripod screw head... Then I placed the wood on the tripod head where I had previously installed a longer screw than the original and marked the point where to drill the hole. This hole will be used to attach the plate to the tripod. Finally, I made the last hole (again after marking the point) and the plate is done!
To make it look better I used sandpaper and I gave it two coats of extra virgin olive oil ;)

I got the idea to make this project an Instructables when I was finishing it, so in some photos you can also see the next steps. Sorry ;)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Good job mate!
    That's a smart solution to integrate a camera and an external light or flash on the same plate.