Cheap, Yet High-end, Oak Vanity to Match Mosaic Tile Lestillo




This was a cheap, relatively easy project that yielded high end results.  I made up for the lack of storage with a large medicine cabinet.  With some leftover oak flooring, some square oak spindles, and some half inch plywood, I made the elevated oak box to house the sink.  I tiled the three exposed faces of the box (the rear end is open for plumbing) with the mosaic tiles I used for my lestillo.  

Another money-saving tip I used on the lestillo itself.  I liked a bulky tile trim peice which I used around the window and on the tub ledge and I felt the pencil tile prices at home depot were overpriced and didnt match my design.  I cut the trim prices down lengthwise and straddled the lestillo with them.  I got two linear feet for the price of one and it matched the rest of the trim pieces perfectly. 



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    MD Edwards

    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is gorgeous!! I am so bummed that you didn't do a full instructable on it though!