Cheapes Neat Phone/tablet PC Holder From an Old Computer CD-drive



Introduction: Cheapes Neat Phone/tablet PC Holder From an Old Computer CD-drive

Hello, everybody.

Today I introduce an instructable for a ''scrappy'' phone (anykind) or tablet (presumably up to size 7'') holder.

I can agree whit anyone that it isn't something brilliant or great looking, but it is practical and cheap if you have old PC parts at home. It is an extremely easy instructable. You don't need any knowledge, actualy.

You will need:

- an old PC optic drive (CD reader)

- a screw driver (what kind depends on what screw you have)

- a pair of clamp for bending

Also, you can just use my instructable as a template and completely change the outcoming product.

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Step 1: Collecting Needed Parts:

Turn the CD-drive upside down and unscrew the bolts. The picture shows witch.

Step 2: Completing:

Now take the clamps and bend the front side of the plate down and bottom side up as shown in the pic.

And there you have it. It is a universal holder for about 3 slim phones or one tablet. (fits normal or touch phones or tablet PCs.)

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