Cheapest Chromecast W/ DVI-D Monitor Setup (Google Cast's "Cast Screen / Audio" Support Only) - $2


Introduction: Cheapest Chromecast W/ DVI-D Monitor Setup (Google Cast's "Cast Screen / Audio" Support Only) - $2

How to set up your Chromecast to your DVI-D monitor

Step 1: Buy HDMI Female to DVI-D Male Video Adapter

Importer520 Gold Plated HDMI Female to DVI-D Male Video Adapter

Step 2: Plug Adapter Into Monitor

Step 3: Plug Chromecast Into Adapter

Step 4: Plug Chromecast and Monitor Into Wall Outlet

Step 5: Turn on Monitor

Step 6: Download Google Cast and SoundAbout

Step 7: Cast Screen / Audio in Google Cast

Step 8: Select Media Audio in SoundAbout*

*Do not select "Let App Decide"

Step 9: Select Your Desired ON Button in SoundAbout*

*Must be switched on every time you stream

Step 10: Happy Casting!



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    6 Discussions

    have a somewhat dated HDMI so got a DVI-HDMI adapter as specified. When Using my Chromebook Pixel, I am able to cast from that to TV screen - all good. However no sound.

    I'm not able to install SoundAbout on my Chromebook (doesn't support Google Play / Android apps).

    When casting, I get no sound from laptop so can't even use that. Any other way to get sound to my TV while casting? Thanks.


    1 year ago

    Hi Fizzelo, I have followed up your post and purchased "hdmi to dvi-d" connector for my TV which is LG RZ-32LZ55. I think its a pretty old tv and am stuck with it.

    I couldn't get my chromecast connected to this TV using the above hdmi to dvi-d connector. It says no signal.

    What am I missing here? Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated.

    1 reply

    Most likely the old monitor doesn't support HDCP - could be because of that...

    Any idea why this wouldn't work?
    Bought the same adapter from Pimoroni plugged it in but monitor says "no signal"
    Chromecast works on normal TV with HDMI.

    Are there specific requirements of the monitor other than a DVI input?