Cheapest, Easiest Way to Book Bind/keep Files Organized




Introduction: Cheapest, Easiest Way to Book Bind/keep Files Organized

Lets get started

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Step 1: Gathering Matirials

All you will need is

A stapler

A File holder

And your book pages or blank paper

Step 2: Stapling Your Paper

What you will do is staple your paper. 1 staple at the top, middle, and bottom.

Step 3: Binding the Book

Than take the stapled piece's of paper and staple them into the file case. Once again at the top, middle and bottom. Than flip the file case over to the back and staple the 2 spots, one below the top, and above the middle, than one below the middle and above the bottom.

Step 4: Making the Fold

Than if there is a remaining part left jutting out of the binder, than you can fold it over and put a clip on it.

Step 5: And There You Have It, Your Book


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    Interesting idea This woulda be good for just keeping papers organized in general.


    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks for the feed back