Cheapest Fastest Paracord Bracelet Clip!




I have always wanted to make a paracord bracelet.

The only thing that was stopping my progress was the expensive clip.

I searched the house I live in and couldn't find a thing that resembled a clip so I had to compromise.

When I saw a loop toggle on some climbing equipment I decided this would be the way to go - no expensive clip, just a keyring!

To make a paracord bracelet is easy but unfortunately I don't know any of the starter measurements, it was pure coincidence my bracelet fit me.

So to make your flat piece of knotted rope into a bracelet all you will need is a keyring!

Step 1: Open and Apply the Ring.

Firstly you have to open your keyring.

This is simple, when you have it open wedge a key (or similar) into it to stop it from closing again.

Now you have to slip it on the small end of your bracelet.

Make sure the ring is securely in place before taking out the key and then move on to see how it works!

Step 2: How It Works.

This is the simple part, to make it work all you have to do is slip the ring through the large loop in the opposite end of the bracelet and then twist it 90*.

Twisting the ring so it lays flat will stop the loop from slipping off because the loop won't expand over the ring - it is too far!

Thanks for reading, I hope this allows you to make a bracelet of your own, please vote for me in the paracord contest!



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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction


    I am not too good with knots, I considered it but it would have been a very different outcome for me.


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    im no good at them either but with practice and time taken its a cheap and effective method :)