Cheapest Microphone Pop Shield



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A pop shield between you and your microphone will help prevent unpleasant peaks from plosive sounds like K P and T and this is a quick way to make a surprisingly effective one from completely scrap materials.

Step 1: What You'll Need

  • An old wire hanger
  • An old stocking or pair of tights (3 daughters will provide an ample supply!)
  • Some cable-ties, zip-ties or Ty-Raps
  • a 'mount' (an old box of matches is fine)
  • some pliers
  • some scissors

Step 2: Cut the Hook and Twisted Bits Off Your Hanger

Step 3: Make the Hoop

The size is not crucial; anything from three to six inches or so is fine (about seven to fifteen centimetres).

Step 4: Find an Unladdered Section of the Tights

As we're using discarded stockings or tights, they'll probably be laddered. These are to be avoided!

Step 5: Cut!

Step 6: Cut a Continuous Section

This should be about twice the diameter of the hoop. You won't need that much but this will give you plenty of wiggle room!

Step 7: Get That Fabric on the Wire

The fabric has a tendancy to slip off the hoop; patience will be rewarded. :)

Step 8: Stretch Tight!

This will make sure that the final product will look neat and ensure good acoustic transparency.

Step 9: Cable Tie in Place

Or zip-tie (or TyRap as I was taught) ;)

Step 10: Trim to Make It Neat

Step 11: Mount the Shield an Inch or More Away From the Mic

Cable tie in place and Tada! You've got a surprisingly effective pop-shield.

Step 12: Oh and I Made a Video As Well!



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