Cheapest N64 EverDrive ED64 Plus

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Intro: Cheapest N64 EverDrive ED64 Plus

Cheapest N64 EverDrive is the ED64 Plus.

I got this off of $74.00 +$4.00

works grate never had any problems with it

comes with every n64 game pre loaded.

There has not been any n64 game that isn't

already pre loaded.

Step 1: Turning Your Game System On

When you turning your game system on a initializing os screen will appear and then it will show the list of games.

Step 2:

When you find the game you want to load press the start button then a loading screen will appear.

Step 3: Playing Games.

Now just have fun playing your favorite games.



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    Question 14 days ago

    The N64 can run FPS games? Two things come to mind: I severely underestimated its processing power, and this might be the most violent console Nintendo has ever produced.

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    Answer 9 days ago

    Yes it can run several FPS such as Doom 64, Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Turok 3 and many more...