Cheapest Way to Convert Normal SLR Lens to Take Macro Photography




Introduction: Cheapest Way to Convert Normal SLR Lens to Take Macro Photography

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Way back in 1983 I bought the Ashai Pentax SLR Camera with a 50 mm normal lens. For taking macro photographs with this camera, I need a costlier macro lens, costing more than 500 dollars, in place of the normal one.

Wait a minute... while shopping around I found this little toy costing about 10 dollars.... extension tubes

An easy and cheapest way to convert your normal lens to take macro photography.

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Step 1: How It Works

How it works (Image credit:

Most SLR cameras come with normal lenses which are capable of focusing down to about 12 inches from the subject. Photographs of the subjects closer than this will not be clear and blurred with the normal lens. By inserting a light-tight tunnel, known as extension tubes, between the lens and the camera body, the lens is extended farther thus reducing the focal length. Now it is possible to go closer to the subject, even up to a distance of one inch, and take macro photographs.

Step 2: Extension Tube Parts

The extension tubes are made in sets of three or four screw fittings, which can be used individually or in combination. My camera body has a bayonet mount, so I need a reverse adapter to be fitted between the camera body and the extension tubes and another adapter between the extension tubes and the lens.

Here in the first picture, you can see both the adapters with the extension tubes. in the subsequent pictures, you can see the bayonet mount of the camera body, the adapters being fitted to the camera body and to the lens.

Step 3: The Complete Assembly

Now I can use my normal lens to take macro photography. With all the extensions, even I can take larger than life pictures of the subject. However, you need to keep the camera steady or on a tripod to take macro pictures.

For a non-professional photographer like me this cheapest alternative is good enough instead of spending so much of money on a macro lens.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much for this article, I have wanted to take some interesting macro photos's but as it's just for fun for me there was no way I could afford the price, this article has given me hope of really being able to take some really cool (for me) macro photos. Thanks so much