Cheap'n'Easy Airsoft Gun Bore Cleaning Rod

Introduction: Cheap'n'Easy Airsoft Gun Bore Cleaning Rod

Everyone that knows a bit about airsoft knows that you need to keep your gun clean and lubricated in order to maintain good accuracy. One of the most critical areas in keeping accuracy high is a clean inner barrel.

If your new to airsoft, you might be hard-pressed to spend another $10-20 for a proper .22 cal  gun cleaning kit. But fear not, this cheap and easy bore cleaner rod will get the job done!

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Step 1: Supplies

Here is all you need

some basic Q-tips

1-2 straws (depending if you have a long barreled gun or a short barreled gun)
The straws must be small enough to have an interference fit with the Qtip

Bore cleaner and lube (You may use rubbing alcohol and Silicone oil, respectively)

Step 2: Assembling the Rod

First stick the Qtip down one of the straws like pictured below

If your barrel length dictates that you need more length, push another straw into the first one to effectively increase the reach of the rod. push the two together so they firmly overlap internally by about an inch.

Step 3: Using the Cleaning Rod

To use the rod do as follows...

WIth it assembled, first spray the Qtip with the cleaning solvent/lube

Then push the Qtip down into the bore and swipe back and forth about 20-30 times, withdrawing every few passes to check to see if Qtip is dirtyed.

If Qtip is found to be dirty, flip it around, and use the other side. Respray with cleaner/lube and repeat above process till it does not come out soiled.

Next, grab a fresh Qtip, and lightly do a few passes to remove excess lubricant.

Thats it!

Step 4: Thats It!

Now your probably wondering "why didnt I think of this" Well now you know!

I do know that this method might not seem to be appropriate for a much nicer gun (kinda silly using a tool that you made for pennies on a $500 gun)
But for the person that bought a more inexpensive gun, and still wants to maintain it, it will suffice

Happy Airsofting! Any comments and questions are welcome!

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    6 Discussions

    zack attack
    zack attack

    8 years ago on Step 4

    Dudes, don't buyfrom crosman. save up some extra money and get a jg m4 cqb for 140 dollars. if u think thats expensive, theres a socom gear barret m82 for 1,200. echo 1 minigun for 3,500.


    9 years ago on Step 4

    I have that same gun. Mine has clear parts on it, though.


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 4

    Is it by Soft Air?


    9 years ago on Step 4

    That gun looks like mine. Mine is By Soft Air (Cybergun) though. Great gun!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I dont need to spend money on one of those, all my guns come with those