Cheap/recycled Organiser for Helmets

Hello instructables

This is my first instrucable so please bear with me.

I have been looking for a way to protect not only my children( by making them where helmets when out on their bikes )but also a way to protect the protective equipment from the knocks and bumps of them rattling round in the garage loose. I've come up with this rather simple yet effective way to keep them safe and tidy while being stored in the garage.

Step 1: Items You Will Need

I was lucky enough to find some half decent trellis that was in need of a little adaptation.

But just about any batten would be fine depending on how bulky you want the unit.

25mm x 75mm is what I used throughout

2 x 110cm lengths
8 x 17.5cm lengths

And some fixings I used 1 1/2" wood screws

Some form of saw
Drill (pilot drilling & screwdriver )

I don't possess table saws or chop saws so I used a good old fashioned hand saw

Step 2: Step One Dry Run

The 2 x 110cm lengths will form the back of the unit and the shorter 17.5cm lengths will be fixed vertically on top of the horizontal strips.

I have spaces of 9.5cm between each vertical baton

Step 3: Fixing It Together

For looks you want to fix from the back so you don't see the screws but that is optional.

I predrilled my screw holes with a small pilot bit to prevent splitting the wood . (Drill bit should be a fraction smaller than the width of your screw shaft.)

Step 4: Fixing to the Wall

I found a little space in the garage near the children's bikes to remind them of where their helmets lived and fixed it to the wall with 2" screws into red wall plugs probably an over kill but I put 4 on the bottom and 5 on top.

Step 5: There You Have It

Stand back and admire your handy work

Simple and effective...

The helmets merely use the chinstrap to wrap around the verticals posts and clip together.

The kids also have knee elbow and wrist protectors in mesh bags that will hang underneath the corresponding helmet with a simple screw in hook in the base of each verticals piece.

You could paint this in fancy colours and put names on each vertical piece for each child If you have more than one child, the rest is down to your imagination.

Step 6:

I hope that this of some use to someone somewhere and any feedback Is greatly appreciated.

I am sorry about picture quality too my garage is dark at the best of times.



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