Cheapy Ehooka Coil Rebuild

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Hey there guys. This is my first Instructable.

Have u ever had an Electronic hooka that had a burnt Coil, Doesn't work anymore, ur too lazy to go out n get a new clearomizer or ur jus short broke like me.


Step 1: Disassemble the Clearomizer

1. Disassemble the clearomizer first by removing the drip tip

2. Twist the clearomizer apart

3. Remove the silicon spill protector

Wipe off any liquid or wash off in Pure Grain Alcohol/vodka

Step 2: Add Wicking Material

As the Title states, the wick is your choice. Can be silica or organic cotton.

Well, I'm jus gonna use plain cotton yarn coz I don't got any organic cotton.

Step 3: Wind the Coil

IMPORTANT please check the resistance of the original coil.

I'm using the mesh coz I don't got no 32 gauge kanthal

In my case the resistance was 5ohms.

Pull apart two 3 inch wires from the mesh.

Place the wick besides the coil former, in my case a needle, a thick one.

Make sure the coil is wound tight

Check resistance

Step 4: Reassemble the Clearomizer

I added the bit of heat resistant insulation to the coil as I had to extend the wire

jus reverse the steps to assemble

Step 5: Go Vape

Refill with your favorite e liquid n let the wick soak for a bit. n enjoy the flavor



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