Check Healthiness of HC-05 Bluetooth Module Without Any Programing or Arduino

Introduction: Check Healthiness of HC-05 Bluetooth Module Without Any Programing or Arduino

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This instructable is to give idea about how to quickly check your Bluetooth module before begin any project so you will be very sure about healthiness of module.
This method completely check your module include healthiness of RX and TX pins
So we begin..

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Step 1: Material Req.

1-bluetooth module which have to check
2-wire for connection
3-5v supply for BT module I used mobile charger
4-Arduino Bluetooth app I use S2 term

Step 2: Procedure

Firts of all we check here the dc supply voltage which we are getting from ordinary mobile charger it must be 5v dc.
As you can see the reading of multimeter it show almost 5v reading safe for our Bluetooth module.
So I fix BT module in breadboard Connect its VCC pin to Positive wire of charger, connect GND pin module to negative wire.
Now the trick is here.
You have to short BT module's TX and RX pin.
Now on power
Led start blink proves is live.
Now connect BT module with your android phone.
Use any of Bluetooth arduino app I use here S2 Term app for communication.
Open app
Connect BT module
If BT led change its normal blinking pattern means connect successfuly.
Now send any character from mobile you will get same character from BT module mean your RX and TX works fine.
In this way we can check our BT module very quickly
Please see image for better understanding.
Thanks for your interest.

Step 3: Video for Better Understanding

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