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I love all kinds of potato fries and try out different ways/ recipes for making them. I've posted 3 potato fry recipes so far- Spicy, Cheesy, and Crispy-Spicy.
I didn't go for a different taste this time, as soon as I learned how to make checked pattern on vegetables, such as carrot, potato etc, I had to make checked potato fries. Though the taste doesn't vary much but it looks nice and they're really crispy when you make thin slices. 

They're quite easy to make, won't take much time, the checked pattern looks nice, you'll enjoy the crispiness, so make some right away and I enjoy the crispy, fun snack :)

Step 1: Ingredients

To make checked potato fries you'll need:

1) 3-4 medium sized potatoes,
2) Potato pealer,
3)Porcelain slicer with a zigzag blade,
4) Salt - for taste,
5) Unused oil- for frying.

Step 2: Creating Checked Pattern

Peal the potatoes and wash them,

Now it's time to create the checked pattern, be very careful as the porcelain slicer is sharp,
Make the first slice, remember that the first slice of potato won't have a checked pattern on it,
After the first slice rotate the potato to 90 degrees and then go for the second slice - now every slice will have a checked pattern on it,

Before each slice you'll have to rotate the potato to 90 degrees to create the checked pattern,

Also try to keep the slices as thin as possible otherwise you won't get a neat checked pattern, besides the thinner slices become crispier after frying.

Step 3: Flavoring

Now that you have the checked potatoes ready you can add any kind of flavor as you want.
I usually add a bit of salt for tatse before frying,
You can also try adding - garlic powder, chilli powder, seasoning salt etc.

Mix them and keep them in a cold place for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4: Frying

Take a frying pan and add enough oil to fry the potatoes,
Heat oil over high heat (450°-650°F or 232°C-343°C),
Once the oil is heated turn the heat down to medium heat (325°F-374° For 162°C-190°C) and add the potatoes to the pan,
After 5 -6 minutes turn the potatoes around to make sure they're fried evenly on all sides, but don't stir frequently while frying,
It will take 5-6 minutes more,
But if you notice that the potatoes are turning brownish take them out of the oil with a slotted spoon, 
After taking the fries out of the oil place them on a napkin to soak the oil.

Serve them with tomato ketchup! 


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    5 years ago

    Where did u get the aerated slicer. my daughter would love these