Checker Board Cake




Introduction: Checker Board Cake

Here you will learn how to make a simple "Fancy Pants" box cake that is sure to impress all.

You may have seen cakes like this at gormet websites and bakeries. But, I  promise it is easier

than it looks. And you can choose any two of your favorite flavors!


WARNING:  Everyone will ask you to make this cake when their birthday arrives!

Step 1: Ingredients

1) TWO BOXES OF CAKE MIX (and the ingredints that the box calls for)
     **both boxes need to be the same brand and very different in color**

2) 3 - 4 CAKE PANS (depending on how many layers you want)
    **you can buy disposable pans if you dont want spend much**

ICING... and toppings if you choose

4) BATTER BOWLS (or anything with a pour spout / you can get by without one though)



Step 2: Bag It, Stand It

I enjoy making life easier with what I have around. So, I use the box bag as a makeshift pastery

bag. The benefit of this is that you can toss it in the trash after your done, so there is less clean-

up. And for you recycle-nuts, this is awesome! Be sure to carefully cut the bag across at the very

top instead of ripping into it

1) Carefully cut the mix bag open and save it.

2) Prepare your mixes in the batter bowls

Now it is time to make your pastery bag stand! I use EVERYTHING on hand.

1) Take the cake box and cut it in half. Pinch the top to make a square shaped hole.

2) Now grab your bag and carefully pour the batter in the bag

3) To tie the top of the bag, I use the saved wire ties from my daughters toys. Whatever is clever.

4) Set the bag in the stand with one corner up.

5) CUT THE CORNER (hole should be big enough to stick your finger in... and no bigger)

TIP: Start small, you can always subtract if you need.

Step 3: Bulls Eye


Basicly you are going to make rings in the pan with your bags. Dont worry about perfection- TRUST ME!

The key is to alway alternate ring order. 


PAN ONE: brown, white, brown, white
PAN TWO: white, brown, white, brown 
PAN THREE: brown, white, brown, white

....and so on.

Between rings, you will want to set your bag in the stand. "Ohhhhhhh, thats why!" LOL~

This is fun!  So dont feel bad sticking your finger in there to fix a ring or two. ;-)

TIP: For thicker cake layers, you can go over the rings a second time with the batter. I choose  to     make my layers thin- I like small cakes.


When it comes time, remove from oven and let cool.

Pop the cakes out of the pan.

If it breaks up a bit, just scrape that piece off and pop it back on the cake as best you can.  This is  
a forgiving process that anyone can do. No one will ever know~ BREW HA HA HA HA!

Alternate the outter layer colors as so.

I glue the layers together with icing.

Step 5: Ice and Enjoy!


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    9 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction


    I hope to try this with carrot cake next.

    Just thinking of the combination possibilities is pretty fun.

    Maybe making a pudding pie with the same method... and having it set in

    the fridge...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Ah ha...I've seen the special ringed pans "required" to make a chess cake but never wanted to spend the $$ and then have to store them for the few times I'd use them. 

    Your technique is brilliant and I love the idea of using the bag/box from the cake mix - - so clever! 


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This was going to be a FOUR layer cake.... but I dropped one of the pans :-(

    Certainly the 4 layer is much more amazing.

    Plus, if you double the ring thickness- it becomes a dream cake.