Checkerboard Game Table

This checkerboard table is made from walnut and pine. It is recessed so the lip will keep the checkers from falling off the edge.

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Step 1: Walnut Frame

Started by framing the top with a dark walnut wood.

Step 2: Support Frame

Added some wood supports to hold the actual checkered panel.

Step 3: Checkerboard Top

This step was tricky and I apologize for not having more pictures of this step. I cut strips of pine and strips of walnut. Glued them together, edge to edge. Then cut across them and flipped to alternate the woods to form the checkered pattern.

Step 4: Checkered Assembly

The checkered assembly was placed inside the walnut frame.

Step 5: Legs

Added pine legs with walnut support cross pieces.

Step 6: Clearcoat

Applied clear coat to entire table, legs, etc.

Step 7: Finished Piece

The table made a beautiful piece for game room or country type den or cabin.

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