Paper Wallet

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Follow the simple steps on how to create a paper wallet.

Step 1: Checklist

Your going to need the following for the project:

Step 2: First Fold

The first fold is to fold the paper in half hamburger style. If you don't know what hamburger style is then look at the photo.

Step 3: Second Fold

Fold the paper again but this time hot dog style. If you do not know what hotdog style is then look at the photo.

Step 4: Third Fold/Unfold

Repeat step 1 (fold it hamburger style). Then unfold.

Step 5: Final Folds

Now for the tricky bit. Just fold the two ends (left and right) but in a very tiny way. Look in the photo if you are confused. These two tiny folds is what you will be taping/stapling.

Step 6: Tape/Staple

Tape the two tiny folds (or staple them). Then you're done :)



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    5 years ago

    kind of. it could get crumpled easy but it's cool.