Cheep and Easy 3 Minute Barbed Wire

Introduction: Cheep and Easy 3 Minute Barbed Wire

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What do you do if your sitting outside drinking your soda and you realize you need barbed wire? Easy you pop off that Pop tab and grab some wire


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Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:

Can tabs(one tab will make one barb)
Frame wire
Pliers with cutters

Step 2: Cutting the Barbs

You want to take your cutters and cut the ends of the can tabs. You will want to cut them on the end that is attached to the can, and the side you pull on.

Step 3: Making the Barbs

You want to twist the center of the tabs

Step 4: Adding Barbs to Wire

Take the can tab barbs that you just made and wrap the wire around them.

Keep spaces between each barb.

You can add as many barbs as you want

Step 5: Extra Information

These are not very sharp but they will hurt when grabbed. You can sharpen them if you need you just need a metal file. Please realize these are dangerous please do not play around with these

The more can tabs you have the more barbs you will have

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