Cheery Christmas Bulbs!

Introduction: Cheery Christmas Bulbs!

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Hey everyone! I was snowed in this weekend so I made a tutorial for you all. This tutorial is for making cheery Christmas bulbs. And the best part about these is, they don't burn out. ;) 

Step 1: Grab Your Materials

Here is what you need to make these:

-Colored card stock and tissue paper
-Mod Podge
-Silver and gold tissue paper 
-Craft knife 
-Glitter or glitter nail polish
-Light bulb template 
-Colored pencils
-Clear Con-Tact Paper
-Paper cutter
-White Card stock (if you're making a custom color)

Step 2: Step One

Take your paper cutter and cut your card stock into rectangles. Make sure your light bulb template fits on them! Glue the card stock rectangles together at the corners before you cut out your bulb. I glued my light bulb template to cardboard to make tracing around it easier. 

Step 3: Step Two

Decide if you want a 'clear' bulb (with the middle cut out) or a 'solid' bulb (without the middle cut out). If you're making a 'clear' one, draw inside the bulb and cut it out. If you're making a 'solid' one, leave it as it is. For the 'clear' one, take tissue paper that's the same color as the bulb and cut out two rectangles just big enough to glue to the bulb. Glue them together and to the back of one of the bulbs. Cut it out and set aside. 

Step 4: Step Three

Now take your silver or gold tissue paper and cut a piece out that's big enough for the base of the bulb. Glue it on and fold it over the back. Repeat this for the other bulb and glue them together. 

Step 5: Step Four

If you want a sparkly bulb, now is the time to add your glitter. I made a whole bunch of clear and solid ones and put them around my door and some are sparkly. If you're not into bling, you can skip the glitter and just laminate your bulbs, then hang them up. I hope you enjoyed my Instructable and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, whatever holiday you celebrate. :) 

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