Cheese Quesadilla

Step 1: Get ingredients .

Butter, cheese,tortillas, serving plate, knife, pan, extra ingredients to make it taste better such as sirache and sour cream.


Step 1: Put Butter on Both Butter on Both Tortilla Bread

Step 2: Place butter on both tortilla breads and spread the butter using the knife

Step 2: Spread Butter on Pan

Step 3: Do the same thing as you did with the tortillas but instead spread the butter on the pan

Step 3: Spread the Cheese on the Tortilla Bread

Step 4: Use the cheese and spread across only one tortilla

Step 4: Fire Up the Stove

Step 5: Place tortilla bread on the stove and cook until both sides of the tortilla bread is golden.

Step 5: Put Finished Meal on Serving Plate

Step 6: After both sides of tortilla bread is golden, turn off stove and add any extra ingredients. Then your finished!



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructions! Nobody doesn't love a great quesadilla!

    What's up with the hashtag? Been seeing that a lot, and am a little curious.