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Introduction: Cheese Racing

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First, a warning:this may have been outlawed in Wisconson as being cruel and unusual. :-)

I am going to attempt to build a full scale prototype model of the race track in time to include the steps here...

We need a track, which will consist of a piece of stainless steel on an incline of no greater then 40o with a substantial width to accommodate all contestants.

Concerning the Video, this is my first attempt at this type of video, and I worked on it all afternoon yesterday, and spent hours last night (08/07/08) until nearly midnight trying to upload it to YouTube (unsuccessfully). After 8 more recompiles today (08/08/08), I finally got something that YouTube did not distort TOO badly. My apologies for the lack of quality.

Step 1: Rules and Regulations

The Track must be wide enough to accommodate all entrants with no greater than a 2 inch (and no less then a 5 centimeter) area on either side of the racers.

The track is to be a maximum of 76 inches (6 feet 4 inches) but no less then 2 meters in length.

The track is to face in a southerly direction in order to take full advantage of the sun's heat.

In the event of cloud cover, the race may be called and rescheduled or delayed in accordance with the decision of the Cheesi-ref. Under no circumstances should the race be delayed past sundown.

The gate must be constructed in such a way to allow the cheeses to start simultaneously.

There will be 4 classes of racers: Hard cheeses; semi-soft (but non-spreadable) cheeses; soft (spreadable) cheeses; and crumbly (as in Feta) cheeses.

Cheeses that have been pre-oiled will be disqualified.

Cheese owners are forbidden to touch, molest, whip, or push their own or another's cheese in any way, shape, or form.

The winner will be the cheese that reaches the finish line first, not having lost through melting or crumbling a weight in cheese equal to itself (one must be able to pick of the finishing cheese).

Winter races may be held indoors using sunlamps.

I am sorry that I only had enough time to build a Prototype out of board and a vent screen from an old IBM server. ( one more note: the time on the photos is incorrect. I worked on this all day long of 08/07/08 )

NOTE TO SELF AND OTHERS: It appears as though a tripod, stand, or other steady platform to rest the camera on is a neccessity for this type of video....I will have to consider a way to make a portable one in the future for successor projects.

Have fun at the races !!



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    Nice idea! Sounds fun, get a bunch of friends together, go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of cheese, go home and RACE!
    I would definitely use Parmesan or Asiago (similar to Parmesan, for those who aren't obsessed with cheese).
    P.S. If you AREN'T a cheese freak already, go to to increase your knowledge of cheese! (Its a sweet site)

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    I LOVE cheese, but only recently have I had the opportunity to taste Asiago....I like it (but then, so far, I haven't met a cheese I DIDN'T like ;-)

    The only cheese I wouldn't eat a ton of is Pepper Jack... it gets really spicy if you eat only a couple of cubes of it.

    I love pepper jack, but then I also get Jalapeno and Habarnaro versions of the pepper encrusted cheese and love them too :-)

    The more often one partakes of them, the more tolerant one becomes. It is mainly an acquired taste :-)

    I make medium or hot salsa's hotter with Dave's Insanity Sauce :-)

    Me thinks this is most probably what we know around these parts as SPAM.....

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    lol - I put that there
    Cheese racing sounds random.....perfect!

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    I had one of those laughing fits just last night while watching the Vicor of Dibley on PBS.

    Yeah, my long term memory is weirdly intact, my memory of names is horribly dysfunctional though ;-)

    Glad you liked it. It was one of those LOL situations where everyone else around you wonders what you are laughing at, you know? I was on the school bus at the time :-)

    There was an old parody done of the old Ripley's Believe it or not, magazine that used to be sold.....and it showed Cheese races but warned that they were ruled Cruel and Unusual. I just made it real and embellished it a bit ;-) (that parody was done when I was still in school, so that had to be at LEAST 30+ years ago

    "The track is to face in a southerly direction in order to take full advantage of the sun's heat." If your in the southern hemisphere you would need to face it north.

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    True enough, but I suspected that those in the southern hemisphere had enough sense not to be racing cheeses LOL