Cheese Rolls

Introduction: Cheese Rolls

- These cheese rolls are very tasty and can be eaten with any soup as dipping sauce.

- These can be prepared with few common ingredients.


- Wheat or white bread

- Chester cheese slices(sandwich cheese)

-Chilli flakes

- Oregano

- Pepper powder

- Salt as per taste

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Step 1: Flatten Bread Slices

-First step is to remove crust of bread slices and flatten them using roller.

Step 2: Filling

-Place chester cheese on flattened bread and all spices oregano,chilli flakes,salt and pepper powder as per your taste.

Step 3: Rolling

- After adding all spices roll the bread slices.Use fresh and soft bread for rolling.

Step 4: Toast on Skillet

-Take a skillet and add little melted butter to it. when butter melts place the cheese rolls on it and toast until both sides turn little brown color.

Step 5: Enjoy

- These cheese rolls can be eaten as it is or you can prepare any soup according to package directions. serve cheese rolls with soup as dipping sauce.

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I'm gonna make these!! but what kinda soup was that it looked Delicious!! :D I really really wanna know the recipe!!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi jgayman.I used readymade mushroom soup packet :)